RBC Bearings Incorporated - Products

RBC Bearings is an international manufacturer, and marketer of highly specialized bearings and engineered products. RBC manufactures products for many industries including aerospace, space, marine, defense, industrial, heavy equipment, oil field, infrastructure, medical, and many others. Our products include…

Bearing Products

  • Sleeves and journals (bushings) straight and flanged – metal-to-metal and self-lubricating
  • Coiled (rolled split) journal bushings
  • Spherical bearings – swaged, load slot, split race, split ball, Kaptor® – metal-to-metal, dry film lube, self-lubricating
  • Sealed bearings – all types
  • Rod ends – self-lubricating, dry film lubricated, and greased
  • Ball bearing rod ends
  • Cam followers – roller, needle, self-lubricating for studded or yoke style
  • Thin section ball bearings
  • Airframe control bearings
  • Ball bearings
  • Miniature ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Track roller bearings – needle or self-lubricating
  • Hourglass roller bearings
  • Tapered roller and tapered thrust bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Ball transfer units
  • Large spherical bearings and bushings for heavy equipment and infrastructure
  • Elastomeric bearings
  • Wear strips and fretting barriers
  • Maintenance free bearings – many different designs
  • and many more…

Engineered Products

  • Precision machine tool work piece clamping collets
  • Modular CNC machine deep and large hole boring and turning tooling systems
  • Piston style sealing rings
  • Clamping collars – rigid and flexible
  • Shaft couplings – rigid and flexible
  • Keyless locking assemblies
  • Swaged tubes, control rods, links
  • Clevises
  • Flight safety shear (fuse) pins, specialty fasteners, bolts, and nuts
  • Aerospace hydraulic actuators and valves
  • Marine hydraulic actuators and valves
  • Precision gears – spur, helical, worms and worm wheels
  • Precision dowel pins
  • Rollers
  • Complex machined parts and assemblies
  • Tubes, ducts, and manifolds
  • Gas turbine and APU assemblies

For more information about our products, please visit our division pages under Business Groups or contact us using the methods below:

Customer Service

RBC Bearings Aerospace

Phone: (866) RBC-AERO
Phone: (866) 722-2376
International Phone: (203) 267-7001
Fax: (203) 267-5012
Email: AeroInfo@RBCBearings.com

RBC Bearings Industrial

Phone: (800) 390-3300 (OEM)
Phone: (800) 356-6584 (Distribution)
International Phone: (609) 882-5050
Fax: (609) 882-5533
Email: Info@RBCBearings.com