About Dodge Industrial

A Global Leader, Moving Industry

Our Mission

Dodge® Reliably equip our customers with the safest, highest quality mechanical power transmission solutions to achieve their strategic goals.

We don’t just make products. We provide expert solutions.

When you work with Dodge, you get more than just a piece of high-quality equipment. You get engineering guidance and solutions from our industry and application experts who know how to help facilities run more safely and efficiently. For over 140 years, we have built a strong foundation of industry leadership, innovation, and best-in-class service—all part of the Dodge legacy.

Designed for safety and reliability. Built for quality and durability. Dodge bearings, gearing, conveyor components, belted drives, and couplings are made for peak production under any conditions.

Our Principles

Be solutions-centric.
Our goal is to help our customers perform at their highest level. So, when providing products and services, we look at your entire system to find the best solutions for your business and help achieve your goals.

Do things the right way.
We believe in operating with integrity and honor, taking the time and resources necessary to ensure that our clients, team, and community are always getting the very best of what we have to offer.

Honor the legacy.
For over 140 years, our company has thrived on crafting and creating solutions that push the industry forward and help our customers succeed—a tradition of innovation that we will proudly carry on for years to come.

Keep looking ahead.
We are in the business of thinking forward, proactively anticipating our client and industry needs to craft solutions that improve operations and elevate current standards.

“We pay tribute to our past, but also look toward the future. Together with RBC Bearings, we will continue to grow in the market and create more value, products, and solutions that improve all of our lives.”

- Roger Costa, Dodge President

Our Culture

Powered by Our People

Everything we are, we owe to our team.
The Dodge team is driven by innovation, collaboration, creativity, and service. Every day, we give our all to our customers and colleagues, putting people first in everything we do. Finding ways to make manufacturing facilities safer for the people who work there is the inspiration behind our designs and the foundation of our core principles that are woven throughout the fabric of our company. It’s the reason we are proud to be Dodge.

Our History

A Legacy of Innovation

Driven by Entrepreneurial Spirit
Since 1878, Dodge has been discovering solutions that make industry operations easier. From the Independence Split Wood Pulley to Smart Sensors for mechanical products, our innovations have evolved to push entire industries forward. Every day, we honor the legacy of innovation that originated with our founder, Wallace Dodge. And we eagerly continue looking ahead to what we can achieve next.

Our Website

For more information, please visit the Dodge Industrial website here: www.dodgeindustrial.com


Mounted Bearings

Fully Assembled and Ready for Industrial Use

Dodge bearings offer innovative designs, a wide range of shaft attachment methods, rolling elements, housings and seat choices, patented features, and consistent performance.

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Maximum Up Time with Less Maintenance

Engineered for reliability, Dodge gear products deliver industry-leading performance in some of the most demanding applications.

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Conveyor Components

A Worldwide Reputation for Reliability and Quality

Choose from a variety of Dodge pulley types, styles, and other options, along with complete pulley assembly packages made from the highest quality components in the business.

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Belted Drives

Built to Keep Production Moving

Dodge belted drives easily change speeds and transmit torque from your electric motor to the driven equipment.

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A Solution for Almost Any Need

Whether it’s an elastomeric or metallic design, Dodge provides couplings with the potential to increase torque capacity, accommodate shaft misalignment, extend life, and put an end to unexpected downtime.

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Bushings, Hubs, and Collars

Accessories to Boost Performance

Dodge bushings, hubs, and collars help regulate the transmission of energy and extend your conveyor life.

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Greenville, South Carolina

6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615
Info@RBCBearings.com Phone: (864)-297-4800
Text: +1-(855)-909-4510

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