Aerospace: Stud Type Track Roller Bearings

RBC Aerospace Bearings offers Mil Spec standards and many specialty and custom stud type airframe track rollers to the aerospace industry and all major OEM specifications. RBC stud type airframe track rollers conform to SAE-AS39901, formerly MIL-B-3990. These bearings have been designed for specific use on track type or cam-controlled equipment when cantilever mounting is desired. They are corrosion protected, grease lubricated and, typically, sealed.

Stud type airframe track roller outer rings and needle rollers are made from high carbon chrome steel, AISI 52100. They are hardened and precision ground. The O.D. of the outer ring is chromium plated in accordance with the AMS-QQ-C-320, Class 2 specifications to a minimum of .0004”. Stud type airframe track rollers are available with cylindrical or crowned outer rings. Exposed surfaces may be cadmium or zinc nickel plated. For improved corrosion resistance, RBC also supplies bearings made of hardened stainless steel alloy, AISI 440C, or AeroCres® reduced maintenance, highly corrosion resistant steel. These bearings are most commonly lubricated 80 to 100% fill in compliance with Mil-PRF-81322, Mil-PRF-23827, and Boeing’s BMS3-33 specifications.

The stud type airframe track roller is selectively heat treated to provide a combination of a fracture tough head, ductile shank, and a carburized raceway to provide high load carrying capacity. External surfaces are plated with cadmium to provide corrosion protection and thread lubricity. The stud type airframe track roller can be supplied to AISI8620 or RBC’s proprietary AeroCres® corrosion resistant material.

For more information on stud type airframe track rollers, please consult RBC Customer Service at 866.RBC.AERO (866.722.2376). Engineering Information, or click the link below for bearing specifications.



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