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Sonic Industries, Torrance CA Sonic Industries was founded in 1964, and is located in Torrance, CA. Sonic Industries produces fasteners, specialty bolts, fuse pins, nuts, and close tolerance machined products for commercial and military applications. Sonic is recognized as the World Leader in fuse pin technology™ with this unique offering having been designed into all of the latest generation Boeing commercial aircraft. Fuse pins are used to attach wings, rudder, horizontal stabilizer, engines, and landing gear to the aircraft structure. Fuse pins are specially designed to allow these attached structures to cleanly separate cleanly from the aircraft’s structure under a specific amount of overload to prevent more severe damage to the aircraft structure.

Sonic’s manufacturing capabilities include hot forging (heading), grinding, honing, gun drilling, and thread rolling. One major differentiator is the extensive number of special processes that are performed in-house such as heat treat, shot peen, non-destructive testing (NDT), passivation, solid film lubrication, HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) coatings and finish grinding. These capabilities are backed up by extensive functional and environmental testing.

Sonic specializes in precision high-strength threaded pins and fasteners manufactured from both standard and exotic materials including; Inconel®, titanium, 300M, 15-5PH, A-286, PH13-8Mo, Aermet® 100, Custom 465®, and numerous others.

Sonic’s products are used in a wide range of aircraft applications including engine mounts, landing gear, leading edge, flap support, vertical & horizontal stabilizers. Sonic also produces a specialty offering in support of helicopter applications for the blade retention, control rods, swashplates, pitch rods, blade grip and trunnions.

Sonic also services industrial applications such as the IBOP (Inside Blowout Preventer) ball valves for the oil and gas industries.

Trademark Information
Aermet® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware
Custom 465® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware


Our Products

Specialty Fasteners, Sonic Industries

Sonic Industries designs and manufactures high strength, flight safety shear pins (fuse pins), specialty fasteners, bolts, and nuts. Products are manufactured from both standard and exotic materials.

Typical Applications:

  • Wing, Tail, Landing Gear, and Engine Attachment to Airframe
  • Flight Control Surfaces
  • Landing Gear
  • Engine Mounts
  • Helicopter Rotor Heads
Specialize in small lots, of exotic materials (Inconel®, Titanium, AerMet® 100, A286, Custom 465®) in larger diameters 5/8” and above. Extensive destructive and NDT testing to assure compliance. Commitment to vertical integration (hot heading, passivation, dry film, shot peen, HVOF & other processes) to control product quality and cost.

Trademark Information
Inconel® is registered trademark of Inco Alloys International Inc., Corp. Huntington West Virginia
Aermet® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware
Custom 465® is a registered trademark of CRS Holdings, Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware

Thermal Spray (HVOF), Sonic Industries

Sonic has a full range of Thermal Coatings that are utilized for surface engineering, wear control, and corrosion resistance.

Conventional plasma spray and High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) coatings.

We have a global reputation in providing quality metal matrix composite coatings and precision-based solutions for your custom requirements which are REACH Compliant.

Typical Applications (Aerospace & Industrial):

  • Pistons
  • Cylinders
  • Ball Seats
  • Balls
  • Linkages
Size Range: Up to 8” OD X 32” Length
  • Approvals: Boeing, Embraer, GE, Parker, Safran, others.
  • Extensive Test Lab and finish machining capabilities. Commitment to total vertical integration to control product quality and cost.


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Torrance, California

20030 South Normandie Ave, Torrance, CA 90502
Sonic@RBCBearings.com Phone: (310) 532-8382
Toll Free: (800) 230-0359
Fax: (310) 532-0942

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