Aerospace: Radial Ball Bearings

RBC Aerospace Bearings offers standard and many specialty and custom designed radial ball bearings to the aerospace industry and all major OEMs. RBC’s radial ball bearings are offered in Conrad-type, full compliment, sealed and unsealed designs. These bearings are offered in ABEC 1 through ABEC 7 precision grades, pre-loaded, corrosion protected, grease-lubricated, and are available with numerous separator, ball, shield, seal, and lubrication options. Bore sizes range from 3/16 inch to 6 inches. Standard radial ball bearings have SAE 52100 steel rings and balls. RBC radial ball bearings can be manufactured from other specialty bearing steels to provide corrosion resistance, high temperature capability, alternative load capacity, or chemical compatibility.

RBC has manufactured radial ball bearings from CRES 440C to provide corrosion resistance. As an alternative to CRES rings, the entire surface of the rings can be plated with thin dense chrome (TDC). This plating, which meets AMS 2438, achieves a molecular bond that will not flake, peel, or separate from the base material. RBC offers “T8” rings for superior corrosion resistance and M50, BG42 rings for high temperature applications. Some special ball materials include CRES 440C, silicon nitride, and M50 steel.

RBC supplies radial ball bearings with many different lubricants depending on the application requirements. Greases that are designed specifically for high speed, low torque, water resistance, high temperature, and oscillatory motion can be provided. Additional lubricants, such as dry film, are suitable for use in vacuums and space applications. Radial play (diametral clearance) can be adjusted for mounting fits or temperature changes. Pre-loads can be ground into the bearings to optimize stiffness to meet particular application requirements. In addition, mounting features, such as flanges, anti-rotation tabs, and mounting holes can be incorporated on the inner and outer rings. RBC radial ball bearings may be customized to meet an application’s demanding requirements.

RBC radial ball bearings have been qualified to stringent military and customer design and performance standards in RBC test laboratories. For information on radial ball bearings or for information on the many standard series of radial ball bearings available from RBC, please consult RBC Aerospace Customer Service at 866.RBC.AERO (866.722.2376).