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Western Precision Aero, Garden Grove CA Western Precision Aero (WPA) is located in Garden Grove, California and was acquired by RBC Bearings in 2013. WPA manufactures precision machined products supporting commercial aerospace and defense applications. Since the acquisition by RBC Bearings in 2013, WPA has added complex multi-component assemblies and high strength structural elements to our offering. WPA services its customers beyond industry standards with stocking positions for contracted product, engineering services, and a broad breadth of product unequalled by its competitors. WPA primarily serves the aerospace, military and defense industries. Manufacturing processes specialties include CNC turning, milling, ID/OD grinding, gears, splines, and assemblies.


Our Products

Gears, Western Precision Aero (WPA)

WPA gear offerings include:

  • Spur Gears
  • Ratchet Gears
  • Planetary Gears
  • Helical Gears
Applications include:
  • Transmisions
  • Aircraft Doors
  • Steering Control
  • Aileron, Rudder, and Elevator Actuation Mechanisms
WPA has in-house turning, milling and gear/spline cutting capabilities. In addition, WPA has expertise in assembling components in order to supply upper level assemblies to our customers.

Actuation Systems, Western Precision Aero (WPA)s

Actuation components supplied by WPA include pistons, cylinders, and machined components.

Aerospace applications include thrust reversers, doors, steering control, ailerons, rudder and elevators.

WPA has in-house turning, milling and gear/spline cutting capabilities. In addition, WPA utilizes RBC Bearings in-house processing required for this type of product.

Gearbox Assemblies, Western Precision Aero (WPA)

Gearbox and Electro-Mechanical Gimbal Assemblies are self-contained geared systems, often powered by electric motors.

Typical applications include rocket and jet vector thrust functions as well as other navigational systems, airplane wings, rudder and elevator, and helicopter transmissions and rotors.

WPA has a dedicated assembly room and testing capabilities.


Western Precision Aero Locations (click on Directions):


Garden Grove, California

11600 Monarch Street, Garden Grove, CA 92841
WPA@RBCBearings.com Phone: (714) 893-7999
Fax: (714) 895-5750

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