Seals and Shields

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Contact seals are used on bearings to prevent solid contaminants and moisture from entering the bearing while retaining the lubricant in the bearing. Nice design and field experience has resulted in a variety of heavy duty and effective sealing designs.

The Nice RS1P seal, which is standard on the 1600, 3000, and 6900 series bearings, is made of oil and wear resistant synthetic rubber with a steel reinforcement. The sealing action is accomplished via interference (deflection )of the seal lip against a recess in the inner ring shoulder. The outside diameter of the seal is retained in a recess groove cut into the outer ring. The DC seal is an old style multi-part assembly consisting of a nylon seal insert held in place with a metal shield. It is a cost effective seal used only on a few sizes and specials. The Nice DL and Super Ag seals are special high efficiency contact seals for heavy duty applications. They are constructed of synthetic rubber molded to the back of a metal shroud or guard. The seal lip rides in a labyrinth groove for reduced seal drag and lower torque against the inner ring land surface.

Bearings fitted with non-contacting metal shields are primarily intended for applications where the inner ring rotates and low drag torque is a requirement. They retain the grease at normal operating speeds and temperatures while protecting the bearing from contamination. Metal shields are also utilized in applications where contaminants may pose a threat to the seal materials.