RBC Aerospace Bearings offers a wide variety of precision aerospace swaged tubes, control rods, push-pull rods, tie downs, and machined parts for commercial and military aerospace applications.  Our manufacturing and process capabilities are ISO 9001:2000, AS 9100B:2004 and Nadcap certified.

We enhance our product offering by providing special processes and capabilities to satisfy your application’s stringent requirements.  We provide Mil-Spec flash welding, cadmium plating, chemical processing, welding, brazing, painting, non-destructive testing, and we have full EDI capabilities. We additionally offer the following processes that meet military and prime contractor specifications:

  1. Aluminum chem. film processing
  2. Aluminum heat treating
  3. Brush cadmium plating
  4. Cadmium plating
  5. CAD/CAM engineering, programming, and drafting
  6. CNC machining
  7. Conventional machining
  8. Flash welding
  9. Fluorescent penetrant inspection
  10. Form tapping
  11. Magnetic particle inspection
  12. Nickel flash processing
  13. Painting
  14. Passivation
  15. Statistical process control (SPC)
  16. Swaging
  17. Zinc phosphate processing

  Click here for a comprehensive chart of approved processes.

Our long-term partnerships with key aerospace customers and their valued subcontractors reflect RBC's commitment to customer satisfaction and the trust that customers place in our capabilities.

Some typical applications for fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft include:

  1. Control Rods
  2. Push-pull Rods
  3. Connecting Links
  4. Torque Tubes
  5. Rod Assemblies
  6. Struts

For additional information, please contact  RBC AeroStructures (an RBC division) at 864.886.4600 (phone) or 864.886.4615 (fax).