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Tests were conducted to compare the load carrying capability and wear life of four standard self-lubricating bearing products. Transport Dynamics performed all testing on the same test machine and fixturing. Standard FIBERGLIDE® and FABROID® products are presented herein. Transport Dynamics offers other self-lubricating bearing products capable of dynamic loading to 40,000 psi and ultimate static loading to 120,000 psi.

Test Conditions

The bearings were placed under a fixed load with an oscillating shaft. The test bearing size was 1.00 inch I.D. by .500 inches long. The test conditions were 10,000 psi (5,000 lbs.) and 5,000 psi (2,500 lbs.) loads with an oscillation of +/- 45 degrees and 30 cycles peer minute at room temperature. Approximately every 10,000 cycles, the bearings were removed and inspected for wear.

Industrial Bearing Life Testing
Cycles to Failure vs. Bearing Type


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