finish and accuracy

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Nice ball bearings are available in several different finish and accuracy grades that may be selected to suit the functionality of a particular application.

Nice fully ground precision bearings are available in single row radial configurations. Boundary dimensions and internal fit-up are held to exacting tolerances by precision grinding of all external surfaces and both ball grooves. These bearings are recommended for applications requiring quiet running,higher speeds, and applied loads. Normal tolerances for series 1600, 7500, and 7600 bearings range from 0.0005" to 0.001". See product tables for exact tolerances.

Nice functional precision and unground bearings are designed for those applications where speeds and loads are moderate, and running accuracy and noise requirements do not warrant a fully ground precision bearing. Single row radial,single row angular contact,and thrust ball bearings can be supplied in semiground or unground accuracy. Series 3000, 6900, 400, 5000, 500, and 600 bearings are available with functional tolerances that range from 0.005" to 0.010". See product tables for exact tolerances.