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Precision Grades

RBC Thin Section Ball Bearings are available in four precision grades. RBC Precision classes 0, 3, 4 and 6 correspond to ABMA ABEC grades 1F, 3F, 5F and 7F respectively. The tolerances for the bearing bores, outer diameters, radial runouts, axial runouts and radial plays are shown in the Tolerance Tables.

Shaft and Housing Fits

Proper shaft and housing fits are critical to the successful operation of a thin section ball bearing. The internal clearance of the bearing will be reduced proportionally by an interference fit. In addition, the roundness of the shaft and housing will directly affect the roundness of the inner and outer ring raceways. For most applications the inner ring is rotating and the load is stationary with respect to the outer ring. In this circumstance a light press fit onto the shaft is recommended. The recommended shaft and housing fits are shown in the Tolerance Tables.