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Tapered roller bearings come in two basic materials: through hardened and case carburized   Each material consists of a combination of alloys which result in specific characteristics needed for these types of products.  The choice of which one you use should be driven from the demands of the specific application. 

Tyson primarily offers bearings with case carburized material due to the applications served in the primary market for our products.  However, Tyson can manufacture through hardened material product if the application is best suited for it.

Case carburized bearings are produced by infusing carbon into the outer surface of low carbon steel. The bearing component is then heat treated to give the bearing a hard outer shell and a softer ductile center.

The advantage of using case carburized bearings is that the product has better performance when operating in a dirty or tough environment, and where shock loads are present.  Another advantage of case carburized bearings is the compressive residual stresses generated during this heat treat process.  This provides the bearing with improved fatigue properties along with the capability of controlling crack propagation.  This allows the operator to change out the bearing on a more scheduled approach.

Through hardened bearings are made up of high carbon steel and are hardened consistently throughout the bearing.  Because of this, through hardened bearings are more rigid and are more susceptible to cracking under high shock load conditions.  That being said, there are several applications in which a through hardened bearing would be adequate for use.

The material, regardless of whether it is through hardened or case carburized, must meet the specifications in which it is being produced.  This is especially important when considering the oxygen content of the steel.  If the oxygen content is too high, then the result is a shortened life expectancy through subsurface contamination. 

Purchasing product produced by proven manufacturers, such as Tyson Bearings, provides you and your customers with the level of quality required to meet performance expectations.


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