Mating surfaces

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FIBERGLIDE, being non-metallic, will operate against most metals, but better performance is obtained with the hardest available mating surfaces. Hardened steel, hard anodized aluminum, hard chrome or nickel plate are recommended. A surface hardness of 45-50 Rc is desirable, but satisfactory performance can also be obtained with softer materials. Generally, a surface finish on the mating components of 16-32µ inch should be provided. Shaft materials or surface treatments should be selected that will effectively resist corrosion. Transport Dynamics recommends a max surface finish of 32 Rms and minimum hardness of 40Rc.

To determine the approximate reduction in life for different values of shaft finish and hardness, see below.

Surface Finish
µ in.
Rockwell Reading
8-16 1.00 Rc50 1.00
32 0.55 Rc40 0.60
63 0.20 Rc30 0.40