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Slim Pack Thrust Packs
FIBERGLIDE® Slim Pack thrust bearings are unique in the industry. They need no lubrication, can tolerate extremely high loads and require very little space. (Nominal thickness is only 1/8 in.) The advanced, patented design includes a self-contained dust seal and utilizes materials which resist corrosion. It provides its own smooth internal wear surface which is ideal where cast iron or other rough mating surfaces are present. Slim Pack thrust bearings are particularly suited for such applications as vehicle kingpin assemblies, and frame hinges. For bearing installation, click here.

Series FTP

Thrust Bearing Replacement Pack - Series FTT
A special thrust bearing is also available as a direct replacement for conventional ball or tapered bearings in certain applications such as kingpin assemblies. Contact Transport Dynamics Marketing Department directly for information.

Series FTT


Cutaway view of Fiberglide® Series FTP Thrust Pack Diagram shows: A. Outer metal shell
B. Fiberglide® self-lubricating liner
C. Inner metal ring hard plate wear surface. Ring rotates against Fiberglide® liner which is bonded to outer shell.

Part Number A B T Area
FTP1628 1.000 1.750 0.130 1.25
FTP2032 1.250 2.000 0.130 1.48
FTP2436 1.500 2.250 0.130 1.72
FTP2638 1.625 2.375 0.130 1.84
FTP2840 1.750 2.500 0.130 1.96
FTP3244 2.000 2.750 0.130 2.19
FTP3648 2.250 3.000 0.130 2.43
FTP4052 2.500 3.250 0.130 2.66
FTP4072 2.500 4.500 0.130 10.03
FTP4874 3.000 4.625 0.130 8.72